Evolution of Alaska Pollock Fishery Discussion On Topic For Annual GAPP Meeting

Top officials with Arctic Storm Management Group and Glacier Fish Co. will discuss the evolution of the wild Alaska Pollock fishery in a panel discussion during the annual meeting of the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) on Oct. 17 at the Seattle Westin hotel.

The idea of a panel to discuss the rise of the multi-million-dollar Alaska Pollock industry came from Bob Desautel, chairman of the board of GAPP and president and chief operating officer of Global Seafoods.

Panelists include Wally Pereyra, chairman of Arctic Storm Management Group; Doug Christensen, president and chief executive officer of Arctic Storm; and Jim Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Glacier Fish Co.

DeSautel said he felt the panel discussion detailing how far this fishery has come and the sharing of lessons in progress would help those in attendance to think about applying those hard-learned lessons to continue driving a bright future for the Pollock industry.

“You’ve truly got three perspectives on this panel that span the life of the Wild Alaska Pollock industry — past, present and future. I think it’s going to be a thought-provoking session that is a must-see for our attendees,” GAPP CEO Craig Morris said.

A 2017 research report by the McDowell Group (now McKinley Capital Management) noted first wholesale value of commercial harvests by species was led by Pollock and salmon, both with 30% of the overall value of all commercially caught fish in Alaska, followed by cod at 11% and crab at 9%.

According to the NOAA Fisheries commercial fishing landings database, the Alaska Pollock fishery is one of the most valuable in the world. In 2020, commercial landings of Alaska Pollock from the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska totaled over 3.23 billion pounds and were valued at some $420 million.