Celebrity Chef Antonia Lofaso Slated to Headline Wild Alaska Pollock Annual Meeting

Image: Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers.

Los Angeles television personality and celebrity chef Antonia Lofaso is on tap to headline the fifth annual Wild Alaska Pollock meeting on Sept. 28 at the Four Seasons Seattle hotel.

The annual meeting of the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) brings together a number of individuals and companies engaged in the groundfish industry.

Craig Morris, chief executive officer of GAPP, said Lofaso was a hit at the 2022 annual meeting, as she demonstrated live, on stage, a signature dish from her influencer work with GAPP.

Lofaso is part of GAPP’s “Always On” awareness and demand campaign launched last year on social media.  GAPP’s plan is to continue the promotion with three waves of content this year, with the first launch coming still during this summer.

The agenda of this year’s event includes a “Wild Alaska Pollock Fishery Update” from GAPP Director of Industry Relations, Partnerships and Fishery Analysis Ron Rogness; a “Surimi Market and Outlook” by Jae Park of Oregon State University and Angel Rubio of food industry market information company Urner Barry; and “Pollock People: The Faces Behind the Campaign.”

AJ Pollock, an outfielder with the Seattle Mariners baseball team, is also scheduled to speak.

The event’s theme this year is “The People Behind Wild Alaska Pollock: Building Global Demand for the Perfect Protein.”