Value of the Fleet

April 23rd
marked our fourth annual
 Bering Sea Fisheries Conference where more than 140 fishing industry
representatives convened to discuss how to maximize the economic potential of
the Bering Sea fishing fleet recapitalization program. The new build and
conversion of the fleet began in earnest after the American Fisheries Act
amendments of 2010, and quantifying the potential has been an ongoing project
for us at
 Fishermen’s News. This year we developed a
spreadsheet, vetted by the industry, which we presented at the conference.
Included in the spreadsheet is the data we’ve compiled. We will continue to revise and update
this information throughout the year, and plan to make the presentation of our
results a regular part of the Annual 
Bering Sea Fisheries Conference. We welcome your questions, comments and other feedback about
the data we’ve presented here, and about conference topics in general. Please
call 206-284-8285 or email