USDA Purchases Pollock for Domestic Food Aid

The US Department of Agriculture has announced the purchase of nearly 4.5 million pounds of Pollock products, including some 1.5 million pounds of fish sticks, for use in child nutrition and related domestic food assistance programs.

The successful bidder in the $6.5 million solicitation offered on May 5 was Trident Seafoods Corp. in Seattle.

The 2.97 million pounds in bulk fish purchases were valued at $3,233,736, and the 1.5 million pounds of fish sticks garnered Trident $3,264,960.

Deliveries are to be made from September 1 through February 28, 2018, federal agriculture officials said.

The frozen bulk Pollock will be distributed to various entities in Gloucester, Mass.; Peabody, Mass.; Portsmouth, N.H.; Newport News, Va.; and Anacortes, Wash.

The Pollock fish sticks will go to distribution points in Arkansas, California, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, , Texas, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.