Today’s Catch: Numbers, Verified

The November issue is always a big issue, and coincides with the release of our annual Fishermen’s News Calendar, as well as Pacific Marine Expo. This year is no exception, and marks the first time since 1945 that the November issue of Fishermen’s News is printed in magazine format, on glossy paper. It’s the largest issue we’ve ever produced.

Since 1945, when Fishermen’s News was first published as the monthly “Voice of the Pacific Northwest Fishing Industry” in Aberdeen, Washington, we have served the West Coast fishing industry as the oldest and most widely circulated commercial fishing publication. We’re proud to be the only advocate for the West Coast commercial fishing industry.

Because we’re a local, family owned and operated company, based in Seattle at Fishermen’s Terminal and active in the local commercial fishing community, we can react quickly to breaking events and publish them as news, rather than history.

This year, in order to better serve our advertisers, subscribers and the industry, we engaged Verified Audit Circulation Company to confirm our numbers. Those subscription forms you have all filled out asking for your industry affiliation are checked against our claims to ensure that we are indeed reaching our target audience – the US Pacific Coast wild seafood harvester. With the release of our initial audit, we are happy to announce that Fishermen’s News is indeed reaching the most West Coast commercial fishermen of any commercial fishing publication, National or Pacific. The numbers, collected, tabulated and organized for audit by our circulation manager, Judy Philips, are available for anyone to see on our website:

What this means to you is that we can focus our efforts on the issues, regulations and fisheries that matter most to you. Because 100 percent of our readers are directly involved in the commercial West Coast fishing industry, 68.5 percent of them as commercial fishing vessel owners, license holders and captains, we can tailor our editorial content to reach them with news that makes their business more profitable.

Our advertisers know that the boats they design and build, the gear they manufacture and supply and the services they provide are presented to their potential clients in a trusted format, surrounded by articles of interest that fishermen need to read. Many of those advertisers, including Ballard Oil, Ballard Industrial (formerly Ballard Hardware) and Pacific Fishermen, Inc. recognized from the first issues in the ’40s that Fishermen’s News was the best way to reach the fleet.

After almost 70 years, Fishermen’s News is still the best way to reach the fleet, and we’re happy to be able to prove that with our audit.