Today’s Catch – Happy New Year!

With the January issue we are happy to welcome our newest contributor, Terry Dillman, who will be reporting on commercial fisheries issues in Oregon and Northern California. Terry is a seasoned writer, editor and photographer with 34 years of newspaper and magazine experience. He is the assistant editor and business editor of the News-Times, a twice-weekly newspaper in Newport, Oregon, where he writes about ocean issues, including commercial fishing.

His first contribution, on the delay of the Dungeness crab season due to meat quality issues, ran last month. This month he reports on Oregon’s pink shrimp fishery (page 1), the Pacific Seafood Antitrust suit (page 8) and marine reserve restrictions in Oregon (Page 18).

We are also happy to announce the promotion of veteran Alaska correspondent Margaret Bauman to a full-time staff position as Alaska editor. Margie is an Alaska journalist and photographer with an extensive background in Alaska’s commercial fisheries and environmental issues related to those fisheries, and has written for Fishermen’s News in a freelance capacity for almost 20 years. A long-time Alaska resident, she has also covered news of national and international importance in other states on the staff of United Press International, the Associated Press and CBS News.

In her new position Margie will continue to provide editorial for the Fishermen’s News print and online publications, as well as representing the company in Alaska while reporting on issues of importance to the commercial fisherman, including legislative, environmental and business issues.

We’re happy to have both Terry and Margie onboard in their new positions, and we wish them and their audience a successful and prosperous 2012.

Chris Philips