Tanner Crab Commercial Fishery Opens for Kodiak, South Alaska Peninsula

A tanner crab. File photo via NOAA Fisheries.

Commercial fishing for Tanner crab at Kodiak and Alaska’s South Peninsula opened Monday, Jan. 15, after the National Weather Service determined there was no prospect of gale warnings.

A total of 135 vessels are registered for the Kodiak area fishery, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, including 110 on the Eastside, where the allowable catch was 2.44 million pounds.

Another 20 vessel were registered to harvest the 465,000 allowable catch in the southeast sectors and five more for the 100,000 pound allocation in the southwest sector.

For Alaska’s South Peninsula, 20 vessels each were registered for the western and eastern sectors.

The allowable harvest for both western and eastern sectors of the South Peninsula is 225,000 pounds.

The fishery was anticipated to last less than a week.