Southeast Alaska Native Corporation Acquires
London-based Seafood Firm

London-based New England Seafood International Limited (NESI), an importer, processor and supplier of fresh and frozen premium sustainable seafood, has been acquired by Sealaska, an Alaska Native regional corporation headquartered in Juneau, Alaska.

Sealaska officials issued a statement saying that the acquisition will offer both businesses increased access to resources, broader product and category capabilities and deeper market access. The combined operations will focus on efficiently converting seafood from healthy fisheries around the globe to deliver innovative, tasty nutritious products that help inspire consumers to eat more healthy fish, they said.

“One of the biggest challenges facing humanity is how to feed, water, educate and house a growing population on a finite planet,” said Terry Downes, chief operating officer for Sealaska.

“Enormous social, environmental and economic value is possible when strong, like-minded organizations join forces across the world to make a bigger difference.”

NESI CEO Dan Aherne said that while Southeast Alaska and London couldn’t be farther apart geographically and in way of life that both businesses share a clear vision around inspiring consumers to enjoy more seafood and promoting a thriving planet.

The deal calls for NESI founder Fred Stroyan to stay on as a member of NESI board, and for key members of NESI’s leadership team to continue in their roles. NESI’s brand is to remain independent, including consumer brands like Leap and Fish Said Fred. NESI sources over 30 species of wild and farmed fish and other seafood from 37 countries worldwide, and supplies seafood to the United Kingdom and Northern European markets. NESI is also the UKs leading importer of sashimi grade tuna.