Seafood Processors Association Applying for Processing Facility Grant Funding

Port of Coos Bay
The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay, pictured, is hoping to receive a grant for a needed study. Photo: Port of Coos Bay.

The West Coast Seafood Processors Association has joined with the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay to seek grant funding for a feasibility study that would evaluate opportunities to construct a multi-user byproduct recovery center on port property.

Among the goals of the proposed multi-user facility, according to the WCSPA and port, would be supporting the local and regional seafood processing industry by reducing capital and operational costs associated with treating wastewater from the individual processing facilities.

The project would also create an opportunity to recover organic material and improve the sustainability of wastewater treatment, producing a treatment of the material that would allow it to be re-used as opposed to disposed of in a landfill.

Due to increased regulatory requirements in wastewater treatment and disposal, seafood processors throughout Oregon have been working to develop solutions to ensure compliance while keeping the costs associated with doing business manageable.

To consolidate efforts and support the industry, WCSPA and the port say they’ve been working with local seafood processors over the past year to understand the challenges associated with regulatory compliance and develop a solution.

The has submitted an application to the Oregon Business Development Department (commonly known as Business Oregon) for a requested amount of $50,000. WCSPA has committed to providing matching funds of $25,000 to support the work.

“We are thrilled about the opportunity to work with the port and Business Oregon on an issue of such critical importance to the seafood industry in Oregon,” WCSPA Executive Director Lori Steele said. “This project demonstrates the port’s commitment to support and sustain our industry in southern Oregon, and for that we are very grateful.”

“This project will lay the groundwork to construct a facility that will support the day-today operations of the entire commercial fishing industry on Oregon’s south coast,” Port CEO John Burns added. “Additionally, this project will serve as a demonstration for other coastal communities as a creative public and private partnership solution to challenges facing the industry as a whole.”