Seafood Nutrition Partnership Introduces New Program to Drive Sales, Consumption

Image: Seafood Nutrition Partnership.

The Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP) is partnering with Pacific Seafood, Sitka Seafood Market, and farmed salmon seafood provider Bakkafrost on a new program to encourage consumers to shop directly with participating companies’ online stores.

The stated goal of the campaign, which was announced Feb. 14, is to help consumers eat seafood at least twice a week for improved health and to bring awareness to online seafood companies. According to SNP founder and president Linda Cornish, 90% of Americans are not meeting dietary guideline recommendations to eat seafood at least twice a week and missing out on important health benefits.

“We recommend buying from their favorite retailers and restaurants and now we can share a list of companies that ship seafood directly to them,” Cornish said.

The program also aims to capitalize on consumers’ growing comfortability with purchasing groceries and seafood online since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Groceries purchased online comprised 7.2% of all grocery spending in 2023 — more than 35% above pre-pandemic levels, according to the State of Grocery in North America 2023 report produced by McKinsey & Company.

SNP said sales have continued to rise in 2024.

“Consumers are now more comfortable ordering groceries online,” Cornish said. “We see this as an advantage for the seafood category as consumers can access a wider variety of healthy, sustainable fish and seafood more than ever before as the number of seafood companies offering DTC (direct to consumer) programs has increased.”

Partners in SNP’s program pay a sponsorship fee to participate in the year-long Fall in Love with Seafood Shipped Direct program.

Cornish said one company will be highlighted monthly on a dedicated page of SNP’s website: The selected brand would also have a monthly spotlight in SNP’s consumer and registered dietitian newsletters and reach consumers through paid social media posts and targeted Google ads.