Salmon Habitat Information From UFA

United Fishermen of Alaska is preparing to roll out a new online Salmon Habitat Information Program to keep the commercial fleet informed about a wide range of issues affecting their fisheries, from water quality to federal and state legislation.

But first the statewide umbrella group for commercial fisheries wants to hear from fishermen on what they want to be informed about and how to get that information to the fleet.

UFA has posted an online survey at that will be available through Labor Day, Sept. 5. Every commercial harvester or family member who completes the survey will be entered to win a $500 Alaska Airlines or $200 LFS gift card. More information is at

Commercial harvester Lindsey Bloom of Juneau is heading up the program.

Bloom said she hopes that the SHIP website will prove to be a valuable resource on information about the health of salmon habitat that is critical to the fishery.

Plans are to fill the website with updated information on issues ranging from water quality and quantity and ocean acidification, as well as pending state and federal fisheries legislation. Also to be included will be information on how to comment or otherwise submit testimony to federal and state fisheries entities and more.