Reward Offered for Information on Steller Sea Lion Slayings

An investigation is underway into the deliberate killing of
several Steller sea lions near Cordova, Alaska, with the reward for information
on the incident at $7,500.
NOAA Fisheries received the initial report of several dead
marine mammals on a beach near Cordova on June 1. With support from a District
17 US Coast Guard helicopter crew, NOAA biologists and law enforcement
personnel were able to reach the remote site and examined the dead sea lions,
whose wounds indicated they had been intentionally killed.
NOAA has asked anyone with knowledge about the incident to
contact NOAA Special Agent Glenn Charles at 907-271-1874. Tips may be left
The initial $2,500 reward offered by NOAA’s Office of Law
Enforcement was boosted in early July when Cordova District Fishermen United
added $5,000, bringing the total reward to $7,500.
Killing marine mammals is a violation of federal law under
the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, with limited exceptions such as for
subsistence hunting by Alaska Natives. The western population of Steller sea
lions is also protected under the Endangered Species Act, which likewise
prohibits harassing, harming or killing listed species, with very limited

Reports of stranded, injured or sick marine mammals may be
called in to NOAA toll free at 1-877-925-7773.