Pact Aims to Reduce Environmental Impact of Fishing and Seafood Industries

A new pact signed by Norway and Washington state calls for cooperation on next-generation maritime technologies and clean energy innovations, with the goals of further modernizing and reducing the environmental impact of fishing and seafood industries.

The memorandum of understanding was signed in Seattle, Wash., this past week by representatives of Innovation Norway and Washington State, during the Nordic Innovation Summit at the Nordic Museum, according to a report in GeekWire, a technology news site with strong roots in the Seattle region.
The pact specifically calls for decarbonization of vessels, ocean technology innovation, modernization of fish and seafood industries, and use of maritime digitalization.

Signers agreed to cooperate and support business development activities between designers, suppliers, builders and operators of hybrid, full electric and alternative fueled vessels, and associated infrastructure that includes but is not limited to electric ferries.

They also agreed to support technology development and expand opportunities for ocean science technology into maritime markets, including, but not limited to, offshore marine renewable energy, subsea sensors, gliders, autonomy and robotics.

They called for modernization of fishing and seafood through engagement of sustainable fishing companies equipment suppliers, processing technology developers and sustainable aquaculture for business development, knowledge sharing and technology transfer.

In addition, they agreed to share market opportunities for growth in big data analytics.

The statement was signed on stage by Chris Green, director of the Washington state Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness, and Gro Eirin Dyrnes, regional director of Innovation Norway.
The conference came in the wake of an event in which representatives of the tech industry and maritime leaders discussed ways to collaborate.