Pacific Fishery Management Council Meets June 8-14

Image via Pacific Fishery Management Council.

Federal fisheries managers meeting in Vancouver, Washington, June 8-14 have several key items on their agenda, including final action to adopt harvest specifications, management measures and exempted fishing permits for the 2023-2024 groundfish fisheries.

Other key actions for consideration at the meeting include adopting a final limited entry fixed gear catch share program review document and providing guidance on whether to concurrently develop new management measures, adoption of the coastal pelagic species essential fish habitat phase 2 action plan, and adoption of preliminary highly migratory species exempted fishing permits.

The council also plans to adopt a range of alternatives for hard bycatch caps in the drift gillnet fleet.

The Pacific Fishery Management Council noted that for those not attending the meeting at the Hilton Vancouver, other options include live streaming and remote participation. While the council and its groundfish advisory body meetings are planned to have a hybrid of remote and in-person participation, the Scientific and Statistical Committee meets via webinar only.

The PFMC announcement noted that on June 9 a closed session is planned from 8-9 a.m. to address national security issues, international negotiations, litigation or personnel matters, including appointments to advisory bodies.

The council itself is set to address issues related to groundfish, coastal pelagic species, highly migratory species and administrative matters.

Anyone may submit public comment on any agenda item simply by clicking on an agenda item, which will prompt a pop-up box to appear, entering their name, organization, email address, and then add public comment. These include administrative matters, coastal pelagic species management, habitat issues, groundfish management and highly migratory species management.

The electronic portal, which opened on May 10, is expected to remain open until 5 p.m. on June 6.

The sign-up for oral testimony begins at 8 a.m. on June 6., with the sign-up window to remain open until the public comment section is reached on each agenda item.