OBI Seafoods Plans Full-Scale Exhibit at Seafood Expo North America

Image courtesy of OBI Seafoods.

OBI Seafoods’ Chief Executive Officer Mark Palmer said the company plans a full force showing at Seafood Expo North America in Boston March 13-15, to introduce the company to new customers.

As a seafood producer, OBI is well-versed at operating during a pandemic, and the protocols in place for the show should allow everyone to have a successful show and get back to business, Palmer said.

The OBI Seafoods global sales booth at Booth #1205 is expected to be fully staffed.

This will be OBI’s first opportunity to present its expanded capabilities since the merger of Ocean Beauty Seafoods’ Alaska operations with Icicle Seafoods’ Alaska salmon and Gulf of Alaska groundfish operations to form OBI Seafoods in May 2020.

“We have had a high level of interest from our global customers to see us in person at the show to discuss 2022 production,” Palmer said. “It’s a very efficient way to meet a number of customers in a short amount of time at a critical time for our business.”

“With forecasts for the Alaska salmon season out, the show is well timed for those customers looking to secure the volumes they need for the coming year,” he added. “It also helps us with our operational planning for summer, which is already in full swing.”

OBI operates 10 processing plants in Alaska, and is a leading producer of fresh, frozen and canned Alaska seafood. The OBI Seafoods’ ownership includes a group of seafood veterans, Cooke Seafood, and the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, a community development quota group that supports economic development in villages in Western Alaska.