NOAA Seeks Applicants for American Fisheries Advisory Committee

Image via NOAA Fisheries.

NOAA Fisheries is seeking applications through Sept. 24 for the new American Fisheries Advisory Committee, which will make recommendations for Saltonstall-Kennedy priorities and grand award funding. The committee, with three representatives from each of six regions, was established in May by the American Fisheries Advisory Committee Act.

The trio is to include one seafood harvester or processor, a recreational or commercial fisherman or seafood farmer, and one representative of the fisheries science community or a relevant regional fishery management council. There will also be four at-large members, with experience in food distribution, recreational fishing and commercial fishing, plus a NOAA Fisheries employee with expertise in fisheries research

Members will represent seafood sectors, including processors, recreational and commercial fishermen and seafood farmers, fisheries scientists, and regional fishery management council members. Additionally, there will be four at-large members, including one representative each from the retail and marketing sector, commercial fisheries, recreational fisheries and NOAA Fisheries.

Committee member terms will be staggered, with one third of all members serving an initial term of two years, one third an initial term of three years and one third an initial term of four years. This will be followed by three-year terms or each member thereafter.

Applications may be submitted to, and must contain a cover letter including the applicant’s interest in serving on the committee and their qualifications, a resume detailing the applicant’s contact information and specific qualifications and expertise, as referenced in the American Fisheries Advisory Committee Act.

More information is online at