National Maritime Center Offers Updates on Training Courses, Programs

Officials with the National Maritime Center say the last automatic course and program extensions, based on the COVID-19 pandemic, expired on June 30 and Marine Training Providers should address the need for individual extensions by emailing

The current inventory of course and program approval requests is high and it is taking 90 days or more for NMC staff to begin reviewing a request, so request for renewals should be submitted early. The NMC says it is proactively reaching out to providers who have already submitted renewal requests in a timely manner to ensure courses do not expire while awaiting evaluation. Those with questions should contact

Coast Guard officials note that they recently transitioned to a Microsoft Office 365 environment, which has resulted in both positive and negative impacts on operations. The transition increased the allowable size of email attachments from 10MB to 35 MB; the system may reject larger files without notice to the sender. Those who have not received acknowledgement of their email within 10 business days should contact the NMC.

The transition did impact access to the email address used to request Homeport accounts for uploading course completion and curricula data. While this has been corrected, anyone who submitted a request and has not heard back should send new request.

For further information or concerns, email or call 1-888-IASKNMC (888-427-5662).