Kvichak Building Skimmers for Gulf

Kvichak Marine Industries, known for its aluminum fishing and work vessels is currently constructing a run of approximately 30 each 30-foot Rapid Response Oil Skimmers fitted with Marco Pollution Control CL-1 Filterbelt oil recovery modules for customers who are responding to the current Gulf spill.

The Kvichak/Marco Filterbelt is proving to be one of the most effective oil recovery systems now operating in the Gulf, and is ideally suited for high volume recovery of the oil types encountered in this spill. The company expects to have more than 100 skimming vessels utilizing the Filterbelt to be in operation on this spill in the coming weeks. The Filterbelt system is adaptable to a variety of marine spill scenarios and is able to recover a very wide range of spills, from light sheens to thick weathered oils contaminated with debris.

The 30-foot rapid-response, shallow-water vessel is ideally suited for use on oil spills in waterways, bays, and harbors. The all-aluminum skimmer is 30 feet, 3 inches long, with a beam of 8 feet, and a draft of less than 3 feet and is easily trailerable. Powered by twin 60 to 70-hp outboards, the skimmer is capable of a response speed of more than 17 knots.