Harvest Grows in Tanner, Snow Crab Fisheries

Commercial harvests of Eastern Bering Sea bairdi tanner crab
have reached 97 percent of the total allowable catch among holders of
individual fishing quota and community development quota.
As of March 10, IFQ permit holders had made 190 landings for
a total catch of 7,438,878 pounds, leaving just 193,122 pounds of the
7,632,000-pound allocation left to catch.
In the community development quota fishery, a total of 13
landings were made, with delivery of 820,992 pounds of tanner crab, leaving
27,008 pounds of the 848,000-pound allocation to harvest.
Holders of IFQ permits in the Bering Sea snow crab fishery have
made 414 landings to deliver 44,543,949 pounds or 73 percent of the
61,155,000-pound snow crab allocation. That leaves another 16,611,051 pounds to
CDQ fishermen have taken 86 percent of their 6,795,000-pound
quota of Bering Sea snow crab. After 37 deliveries of a total of 5,817,244
pounds, they have another 977,756 pounds left to harvest.
In the Western Bering Sea bairdi tanner crab fishery, the
IFQ harvesters have made 154 deliveries of a total of 3,050,657 pounds, or 51
percent of a 5,962,500 pound allocation, and have 2,911,843 pounds left to
CDQ fishermen in the Western Bering Sea bairdi tanner crab
fishery meanwhile had made 11 deliveries of 575,774 pounds or 87 percent of
their 662,500 pound allocation. As of March 10, they had 86,726 pounds of crab
left to catch.

The Bristol Bay red king crab fishery wrapped up earlier in
the season with 100 percent of the IFQ and the CDQ quotas landed. The IFQ
sector had an allocation of 8,987,400 pounds, delivered in 251 landings, while
CDQ fishermen had 998,600 pounds, delivered in 15 landings.