GAPP to Announce Funding Awards for Product Proposals by Mid-September

Image via Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers.

A major promoter of wild Alaska Pollock plans to announce by mid-September matching grants for its latest round of partnership funding in a competition to expand markets for wild Alaska Pollock products worldwide.

All proposals are due to Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) by Aug. 12.

“The global food sector is now, perhaps more than ever, ripe for disruptive innovation and break-through promotions,” GAPP Chief Executive Officer Craig Morris said.

GAPP’s research has identified key growth areas for wild Alaska Pollock that are of particular interest in this round of funding. Specifically, the organizations has said that it will give particular emphasis to programs that take place in “favorable” or “very favorable,” as identified by Wild Alaska Pollock 2040 research.

GAPP has expressed particular interest in programs highlighting individually quick-frozen fillets, surimi seafood products, roe, fish oil or those that use Wild Alaska Pollock as an ingredient in a new innovation like snacks, pastas or pet foods.

In the restaurant sector, GAPP was seeking new ideas for chefs and restaurant menus to introduce more customers from fast-casual to upscale eateries to wild Alaska Pollock.

This is the fourth year for GAPP’s competitive partnership program, which has to date allocated over $6.5 million in matching funds to launch new products, seeking placement for the fish in new channels or raising awareness of wild Alaska Pollock attributes through influencer and other marketing channels.

A list of past Partnership funding winners is available at