GAPP Approves $1 Million for Product Development

Board members of the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers has approved one million dollars for a second found of its North American Partnership Program to fund new projects promoting wild Alaska Pollock.

The program was conceived by the GAPP board to provide support for companies in the wild Alaska Pollock industry looking to develop new ways to market these versatile fish. The organization received a number of applications for the second round of funding and selected a dozen proposals to move forward with.

Second found partners, including High Liner Foods and True North Seafood, will use the partnership funds to bring innovative new products to market. Others, like Fishpeople, plan to utilize partnership funds to deliver wild Alaska Pollock to consumers via their popular line of responsibly sourced, traceable Wildly Delicious Seafood Kits available in retail and online.

Funding will also go to American Seafoods for expansion of its successful launch of their Perfect Pollock portions to other test markets and to Trident Seafoods to bring their award winning Protein Noodles made of wild Alaska Pollock to big box stores I the Northeast and Bay area of California, said Craig Morris, chief executive officer of GAPP.

Each partner is bringing equal or greater funds to the project. While exact partner investments will remain confidential the one million dollar GAPP investment will be more than tripled with matching partner funds, Morris said.

What all these proposals have in common, he said, is a passion and dedication to elevating wild Alaska Pollock in epically new and exciting ways.