From the Editor: PME ‘22

As you probably know if you’re involved in the West Coast commercial fishing industry, one of the largest and longest running commercial fishing and commercial marine trade shows in existence, Pacific Marine Expo, takes place Nov. 17-19 in Seattle. And once again, the company that owns Fishermen’s News Magazine will be in attendance.

Maritime Institute, the parent company of Maritime Publishing, which operates Fishermen’s News, will be at Booth 220 during this year’s expo. A handful of Maritime Publishing representatives, including publisher Dave Abrams, advertising manager Katie Higgins and yours truly, managing editor Mark Nero, will all be at the booth during various times over the course of the three days, as will other folks who help create content for the magazine.

If you’re going to be in attendance at PME, please feel to drop by our booth to say hello and pick up a complimentary issue of Fishermen’s News. We’d love to see you.

During the three days that I’ll be there, I plan to talk to people within the commercial fishing industry about the issues that matter most to them, whether it be offshore wind development, fishing regulations, environmental concerns – you name it. Whatever you’d like to talk about, I’d like to hear about.

It’s input and feedback from readers like you that helps dictate the stories and topics that Fishermen’s News covers. If you want to help influence what people see and read in the magazine, please stop by Booth 220 and have a chat.

I also plan to do a lot of wandering around the Lumen Field Event Center on Nov. 17-19, so if you don’t see me at the booth but happen to see me elsewhere at the event, feel free to say hello, start a conversation and give me your thoughts on the state of the commercial fishing industry.

Because although Fishermen’s News has a great staff of wonderful people, the most important people to us are you, our readers and subscribers. And part of our mission is to engage with our readership. We really look forward to doing so at PME this year, and hopefully we’ll see you there.

Managing Editor Mark Nero can be reached at