From the Editor: Happy New Year

Hello and Happy New Year,

This is just a reminder that starting with this edition, the Fishermen’s News Online newsletter is being sent out at 10:15 am each Wednesday rather than at 11 am.

However, despite the change in time, each edition will still contain five stories that are of importance to the commercial fishing industry.

In fact, as 2023 gets underway, I’d like to take a moment to renew our commitment to our readers, and let you know that you can continue to expect high quality content in the print edition of Fishermen’s News, as well as its online newsletter.

And of course, the newsletter is still free and will remain so.

As always, thanks for reading. If you have any questions or comments about the content in Fishermen’s News of Fishermen’s News Online, feel free to contact me via the email address below.

Managing Editor Mark Nero can be reached at