Fishermen Cited for Numerous Violations

Alaska State Wildlife troopers have cited more than three-dozen commercial fishermen in the Egegik district of Bristol Bay over the last two weeks for violations ranging from failure to display valid registration on their vessel to lack of current crewmember licenses and fishing in closed waters. A trooper spokesman at King Salmon confirmed that an increased number of wildlife troopers were covering the commercial fishery in that district, but did not give any specifics on how great the increased coverage is so far this season.

On June 28 alone, 13 harvesters were cited, 5 of whom are Alaska residents, and the others from the Pacific Northwest. Those found to be fishing aboard drift gillnetters and at setnet sites without those required crewmember licenses faced a fine of $260 for each violation, while those lacking a current vessel document had bail set at $60 apiece. Bail for one harvester lacking the required personal flotation device was set at $110. Those observed fishing in closed waters all face arraignment in the Naknek District Court at various dates in July.