Fisheries Economist Will be Interim Director of Research Institute

Fisheries economist Gunnar Knapp will step in as interim
director of the University of Alaska Anchorage’s premiere research institute on
Jan. 1, officials of the UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research said
Dec. 3.
Knapp, who has been recognized internationally for his work
on fisheries markets and management of fisheries resources, holds a doctorate
in economics from Yale University.
He is filling the post on an interim basis after Heather
Hudson, founder of the Telecommunications Management and Policy Program at the
University of San Francisco, stepped down through the spring of 2013 to write a
book on the history of telecommunications in Alaska.
Knapp said Dec. 3 that the ISER director’s job will take
about half his time, and that he intends to remain involved in fisheries
research while cutting back on some more peripheral activities. “Professionally
fisheries are very important to me,” said Knapp, who studies market trends for
Alaska fisheries and major management issues.
Knapp was busy in December preparing for a presentation he
is scheduled to deliver at the Global Seafood Market Conference in Santa
Monica, CA. The Jan. 29-31 conference attracts a group that includes high-level
seafood industry executives.
It provides the industry with information on the economic,
social and demographic trends and changes that will affect international
seafood markets.