Dutch Harbor Effort Continues to Remove Fuel From Grounded Crab Vessel

Efforts are continuing today to remove the remaining fuel
aboard the grounded 102-foot crab vessel Arctic Hunter, which is sunk in
bedrock, about three-fourths submerged, six miles from Dutch Harbor.
Dan Magone, president of Magone Marine at Dutch Harbor, is
the contractor enlisted for the job. Magone said his company plans to send
divers out today, weather permitting, to check on the condition of the number
two port fuel tank on the vessel.
So far Magone Marine employees have recovered at least 4,500
gallons of fuel and twice that much liquid from two starboard side tanks, he
said. All fuel was lost from the bow tank and the number one port tank, he
Magone also said the vessel is in pretty rough shape since
it grounded on Nov. 1 and has been through some rough weather, which continues.
No sheen or obvious signs of oil pollution have been seen, he said. Weather
permitting, the company plans to begin next week removing the wreckage from the
bedrock near shore.
Six crew members from the Arctic Hunter, which is
homeported in Kodiak, were in a life raft when they were rescued by a two-man
crew aboard another fishing vessel, the Saga, after grounding on Nov. 1. All
six were wearing survival suits.

The grounding is under investigation, but no specific
information on the incident have been released.