Comment Now on Federal Funds for 2016 Pink Salmon Disaster Fund

The state of Alaska is seeking public comment on how to distribute $56.3 million in federal funds allocated to those impacted by the 2016 Prince William Sound fish salmon fisheries disaster.

The money is part of the $200 million in disaster relief allocated by the Secretary of Commerce in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. Fisheries in Washington, California, the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean will also share in the overall fund.

Harvesters, processors and people impacted have until September 18 to tell state officials how they think the money should be allocated.

The state has developed a draft distribution plan for the funds administered through the Pacific States Marine Commission, in consultation with the Alaska regional office of NOAA. It calls for portions of the money to go to fishery participants, processors, municipalities as well as research. Now the state wants to hear from impacted users and user groups.

To view the proposed distribution plan and enter public comments go to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website at