Coast Guard Expands Reopening of Regional Examination Centers

The U.S. Coast Guard is continuing to reopen regional examination centers in several states for limited services.

Commanding officer Captain Kirsten R. Martin said on Tuesday, Sept. 1, that mariners seeking to schedule exams at 10 centers may do so by contacting the appropriate email address or phone number. Appointment requests should include the applicant’s name, mariner reference number, requested testing date(s), phone number and a copy of their approved to test letter(s).

All exams are by appointment only.

The centers and contact information include REC Boston,; REC Honolulu,; REC Houston,; REC Juneau,; REC Long Beach,; REC Memphs,;
REC Miami, or (305) 536-4331; REC Toledo,;
MU Ketchikan, 907- 225-4496 (extension #3); and MU San Juan, 787-729-2368.

Mariners will all be subject to COVID-19 screening questions and a temperature check.

Those experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted to enter the REC/MU and will need to reschedule their appointment. Face coverings must be worn at all times. Anyone with documented health issues which prevent them from wearing face coverings must notify the REC/MU when scheduling a appointment. Mariners are also advised to bring their own #2 pencils, photo identification, a non-programmable calculator and plotting tools. No other personal belongings will be allowed into the facility.