Canadian Forces Maritime Experimental & Test Range

As a key navigational feature of the Salish Sea, the Canadian military would like to provide a friendly reminder of their presence in the local area, along with a couple points to consider.

Area WG is approximately 60 nautical miles square and is located to the North/West of Nanaimo. During operations the area is extremely hazardous to navigation and is closed to all civilian traffic. To avoid any unnecessary delays please take the time before going out on the water to check whether or not area WG is active. You can always contact Winchelsea Control on VHF Ch. 10 to confirm whether we are active or not. During operations you will hear our Security call on VHF Ch.16 every 30 minutes.

Additionally, please note that South Ballenas is Department of National Defense property and is restricted.

If there are any questions you can contact The Canadian Department of National Defense at 250-468-5054.