California Sea Grant Releases 2024-2027 Strategic Plan

Image: California Sea Grant.

California Sea Grant, administered through the University of California San Diego, has released its 2024-2027 strategic plan, with a goal of better preparing the state’s coastal communities for extreme weather and coastal hazards, economic disruptions and other threats to communities’ well-being.

The report notes the intimate connection between all California residents and the state’s coastal and marine resources, which are located along the 3,425 miles of coastline, meandering along the rugged open coast, around bays and in the ocean.

The first healthy coastal ecosystem goal centers on a better understanding of natural and anthropogenic influences on these ecosystems in a changing environment and collaborators that reflect the diversity of those with interest in these ecosystems to identify, inform and implement these priorities, the report said.

The second goal is for California residents to use evidence-based information, partnerships and tools to support and participate in decision-making that helps strengthen sustainable relationships with coastal and marine environments.

While specific priorities may vary with biodiversity emergencies in California, including harmful algal blooms and wildfires, anticipated priorities range from contaminants and carbon storage to pathogens and pollution, the report said.

Among those healthy coastal ecosystem goals are integrated management of oceans, coasts and watersheds. The Sea Grant report identifies as sub-topics ocean observing and time-series studies in support of marine and adaptive management, coastal and marine protection policies and ecosystem creation, restoration and enhancement.

Also identified as a key topic is blue technology and innovative approaches, with the subtopics of development and application of technologies that facilitate data collection and analysis and novel solutions to improving observing/data collections or addressing common stressors.

The full report is available at