Bristol Bay Fishermen Offer New Cooking Website

Bristol Bay fishermen have launched a new online Salmon Cooking Guide to teach thousands of people now cooking at home during the COVID-19 pandemic easy steps for preparing salmon entrees, plus tasty recipes with easy to find ingredients.
The website,, includes cooking demonstrations, expert tips and ore from leading culinary experts, including YouTube star Adam Ragusea, renowned Seattle Chef Tom Douglas, Alaska-based culinary influencers Maya Wilson and Kaylah Thomas, Bristol Bay salmon experts Susie Brito and Apay’uq Moore, award-winning Texas barbecue pitmaster Jess Pryles, and more.

With people cooking at home now more than ever, and seafood sales seeing a huge spike at retail, consumers are looking for easy, health recipes that they feel like they can manage and cook better salmon meals for their families, said Lilani Dunn, marketing director at Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon.

To get started, the website notes, all one needs is an oven, a baking dish and salmon. From there the chef at home can prepare anything from hot honey broiled sockeye salmon to mustard maple glazed salmon with roasted veggies to potato chip crusted salmon and more. Additional recipes, all with cooking instructions, range from a salmon grilled cheese sandwich and salmon fried rice to the Bay Bounty salmon tacos, sockeye salmon poke bowls, salmon waffles, oven poached salmon, smoked salmon pot pie, boatyard salmon burgers, barbecue sockeye flatbread and sockeye salmon citrus veggie skewers.
Rising Tide Communications in Anchorage produced the new website, along with a new Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Buyer’s Guide, at, for the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, a fisherman-funded entity whose goal is to boost the value of fish from the world’s largest wild run of sockeye salmon.
The marketing website offers product forms, sizing and best practices for wholesale buyers and retail teams. The buyer’s guide also addresses frequently asked questions from dozens of retail partnerships with the Bristol Bay sockeye salmon brand over the last four years.