BBRSDA Will Survey on Buyback Impact

Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association is
conducting a postcard survey of its membership of drift gillnet permit holders
in March to determine whether to proceed with a socioeconomic impact study on
vessel buybacks.
The analysis would provide valuable additional information
to the fleet as they consider proceeding with the buyback, the BBRSDA told
Sue Aspelund, executive director of the association, said
the hope is that members will respond within two to three weeks.
Last November the BBRSDA organized a Pacific Marine Expo
panel conference and member meeting to disseminate findings of a Bristol Bay
Buyback Economic Report commissioned from Northern Economics Inc., an Anchorage
based economic consulting firm.
That report provided objective economic information about
the Bristol Bay salmon drift gillnet fishery, as well as projecting how
different buyback scenarios and associated payback schedules might impact gross
and net revenues. A copy of that report is online at
The general sentiment expressed in public comments at the
meeting was that the BBRSDA should continue collecting and disseminating

As noted at the meeting, the Northern Economics report did
not address the socioeconomic information necessary to fully evaluate the
potential outcomes and impacts of a buyback program in the Bristol Bay drift
fishery. A second study would be required to get that information.