ASMI Promotes Wild Alaska Seafood in Ukraine

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is partnering with Ukrainian celebrity chef and ASMI culinary mission participant Volodymry Yaroslavsky through January in a video promotion called GoodWine to promote wild Alaska seafood.

ASMI reported that the video received nearly 70,000 hits in five days on the GoodWine YouTube channel, in which Yaroslavsky discusses the quality of the Alaska seafood as well as his time in Alaska. In the video Yaroslavsky also demonstrates how he prepares fresh fillets of wild Alaska salmon and tells viewers about seeing with his own eyes the place where these salmon are harvested. “Wild salmon is born at freshwater streams and rivers far away from civilization and swims thousands of kilometers in the cleanest waters of the world,” he says. “It has special taste that (other) salmon doesn’t have.”

In conjunction with the online promotion, ASMI and GoodWine are hosting an in-store promotion with tastings, special menus and media/VIP events at GoodWine retail and restaurant locations in Ukraine.

Another ASMI promotion in January include a collaboration with Chef Nicolas Roman of the Palau Alameda restaurant in Valencia, Spain, featuring Alaska sablefish in a television promotion anticipated to have an audience of some 170,000 people.

Meanwhile in Brazil, ASMI hosted a workshop on Genuine Alaska Pollock that had over 17,000 views. The event included a presentation on the sustainability, seasons, harvesting methods and product formats of Alaska seafood, plus demonstrations on cooking breaded genuine Alaska Pollock and Alaska Pollock confit.