ASMI Meeting Convenes in Anchorage

Updates on all phases of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s promotional efforts for Alaska fisheries will be presented in Anchorage Oct. 21-23 during ASMI’s “All Hands” and board meetings.

Today’s schedule will include a fisheries update from Andy Wink, senior seafood analyst for the McDowell Group in Juneau, and reports from ASMI staffers Larry Andrews on retail marketing, Claudia Hogue on food service marketing and Alexa Tonkovich on international marketing. Also on the agenda are reports by Tyson Fick on the agency’s communications program, by Susan Marks on the sustainability program, and Bruce Schactler, on global food aid, plus an update on the Alaska state budget by the McDowell Group.

For those interested but unable to attend in person, audio is available by calling 800-315-6338. The alternate call-in number is 1-913-904-9376, access code 05684.

Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott will be the guest speaker at lunch for the second day of the event, which will be devoted to meetings of ASMI”s operational committees.

ASMI’s board of directors will also be meeting that day in an executive session to discuss the agency’s budget and strategic plan.

Audio will also be available via the same procedure as the first day for the ASMI board meeting on Oct. 23. The agenda that day is scheduled to include an ASMI budget update, and reports from operational committees on international marketing, food service, seafood technical efforts, retail and responsible fisheries management.
The McDowell Group’s Andy Wink will deliver an ASMI report card during the afternoon session.