ASMI Fetes UK Writers With Wild Alaska Seafood

Call it friendly persuasion, to keep members of the United Kingdom’s Guild of Food Writers aware of the gourmet potential of wild Alaska seafood.

For the fifth year in a row, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute had the honor of being selected to provide a selection of Alaska canapés and bowl foods for the annual awards ceremony in London.

The presentation comes as Alaska processors are trying to assure buyers in the United Kingdom that the standards for quality and sustainability of their products will remain at the highest level through certification by Ireland-based certifier Global Trust.

Major buyers in England’s markets have a commitment to carry Marine Stewardship Council certified seafood products and Alaska’s wild salmon is covered by MSC through October of this year, thanks to the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation serving as the client for certification. AFDF decided earlier this year to stop being the client for certification because major processors who paid the bill did not support the MSC certification plan for wild salmon any more. Their concern was in keeping consumer attention on the Alaska brand, rather than MSC certification. The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, in full support of AFDF’s decision, then opted to be the client for certification on the sustainability of Alaska’s wild salmon under Global Trust, which has in the past done certification work for MSC.

The sumptuous presentation for the food writers on May 30 at London’s Fishmongers Hall included mini smoked Alaska sockeye salmon bagels with cream cheese, Alaska king crab with mango and lime crème fraiche, mini Alaska king salmon Thai fish cakes with sweet chili yoghurt dip and tartare of Alaska coho salmon and king crab with lemon, baby capers and mascarpone.

The writers also dined on Alaska black cod, Alaska king crab and tiger prawns with ginger in miso broth; salt and chili goujons of smoked Alaska Pollock with red onion and tomato salsa, with chips; tartare of smoked Alaska sockeye salmon with lemon, lime, cucumber and chili; quenelle of brandade of Alaska king salmon and horseradish served on crostini with apple, tomato and sweet chili relish, and millefeuille of Alaska salmon on whole meal rostini with crème fraiche and Alaska salmon eggs.