Trident’s Analise Gonzales Joins SeaShare Board

Analise Gonzales.
Photo: SeaShare.

Analise Gonzales, the director of specialty brands with Trident Seafoods Corp., has been elected to the board of directors of SeaShare, a nonprofit based on Bainbridge Island, Wash. that provides seafood to food banks nationwide.

Her appointment, which was announced on Feb. 13, is the latest change in leadership of the 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1994.

In January, SeaShare announced the August retirement of Jim Harmon, who has served as executive director for 23 years. Global marketing executive Hannah Lindoff of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute was named to succeed Harmon.

In a statement, Gonzales said she was honored to join the SeaShare board.

“As someone who is an omega (healthy fats) enthusiast, I am genuinely thrilled to contribute to SeaShare’s mission, and to highlight the nutritional value, versatility and sustainability of seafood,” she said.

Gonzales, who grew up in a fishing family, began working for Trident Seafoods in 2018. She leads the company’s strategy and development for their specialty human and pet health products, and has a professional background in sales, training and marketing with Allergan Pharmaceuticals and Target Corp.

Rasmus Soerensen, chief commercial officer of American Seafoods Co., serves as president of the board, while Greg Englin, executive director of the Port of Kingston, Wash., is vice president. Richard Mullins, managing director of NAIA Natural Products, serves as treasurer and Pat Shanahan, president of food marketing organization the Shanahan Group, was recently appointed as secretary.

Other board members include Casey Campbell, a commercial harvester; Jan Jacobs, past director of government affairs, America Seafoods Co., LLC; Michael Lieberman, senior vice president, Food Industry Insurance Division, FOA & Son Corp; Tom Enlow, president, Unisea Inc.; Doug Christensen, president of Arctic Storm Management Group; Chris Barrows, catcher vessel fleet manager with Golden Alaska Seafoods, and Tom Zaffiro, president, Channel Fish Processing.