SNP Launches ‘Fall in Love with Seafood’ Campaign

Image: Seafood Nutrition Partnership.

The Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP), a nonprofit based in Arlington, Va., on Oct. 4 launched its “Fall in Love with Seafood” campaign to boost consumption of seafood nationally.

Fewer than a quarter of Americans currently eat seafood two or more times a week, as recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the American Heart Association and World Health Organization, SNP said in announcing the promotion, which is expected to run through 2024.

The goal is to educate consumers that seafood is a lean protein with health benefits they can enjoy and count on every day,” SNP President and Founder Linda Cornish said.

SNP said in a statement that the campaign “aims to break through” social and digital media avenues to showcase the taste appeal of a wide variety of seafood through “bold, mouthwatering imagery and cheeky headlines.”

“The new campaign resonates with the primary target—85% of occasional seafood consumers surveyed agreed the campaign made them want to eat more seafood,” SNP spokesperson Sarah Crowley said.

Plans are that after a soft launch during National Seafood Month in October, to continue with some market activations to begin in January. Key retailers and foodservice partners are to be announced by the end of the year.

“Running the pilot campaign right after the new year is ideal timing as so many Americans are setting New Year’s resolutions to eat healthy and seafood is a key part of a healthy diet,” said SNP board chair Paul Doremus, who’s also a vice president with Trident Seafoods.

The seafood promotion campaign is being introduced at a time when seafood sales and consumption have declined, after growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Campaign materials include a Fall in Love with Seafood Toolkit, complete with social graphics, videos, recipes and in-store signage.  The toolkit can be seen online at