Shift Clean Energy to Electrify 17 New Tugboats

Vancouver, BC-based Shift Clean Energy has been selected to supply its energy storage systems to 17 new hybrid and electric tugboats in a step forward for decarbonizing the marine industry, the company announced Sept. 28.

Customers include Vallianz Holdings and Zeeboat for fully electric tugboats, and others soon-to-be-named for large-scale hybrids set to begin operations in 2023 and 2024, according to Shift.

“We are seeing customers and designers gravitate towards our solutions due to their inherent reliability, long life and safe operations,” Shift CEO and founder Brent Perry said. “Safety and industry leading cost efficiency are at the core of delivering these projects.”

Electric tugboats have economic and environmental advantages. An operational e-tug can reduce at least 150 tons of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually as compared to a conventional tug. This is equivalent to removing 500 typical passenger vehicles from the road.

“Shift is thrilled to have been selected to supply these tugboats with clean, efficient energy,” Perry commented. “As an organization, we are proving that decarbonization with our (energy storage) systems is simple to implement and reaps a myriad of environmental and economic benefits. Shift is excited to continue decarbonizing ports and electrifying the shipping industry.”

Since its inception, Shift has partnered with various technology leaders. They include ] energy company Yinson Holdings, based in Malaysia, on the recent hydromover launch in Singapore; vessel and equipment company Vallianz on its e-tug project, and Copenhagen-based facility management company ISS on the all-electric Zeeboat.

Shift has said that it’s committed to continuously collaborate with industry innovators to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Shipping currently contributes to 3% of the world’s climate-warming CO2 – Shift is pushing to change that percentage to zero,” the company said in a statement.

 “Time is of the essence. We have to be tenacious and work with visionary leaders to create a zero emissions industry,” Perry said. “We have to act now and the 17 tugboats that will be using our systems are a step in the right direction.”