GAPP Launches Podcast Offering Fishery Market News, Analysis

A marketer of wild Alaska pollock is now offering biweekly podcasts on what it describes as “fish nuggets” of in-depth fishery and market analysis relevant to the Alaska pollock fishery.

 The Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) launched the “Pollock Pod” on Jan. 19.

Plans are for the podcasts to offer the analysis contained in some of GAPP’s routine reports on the market, trade and surimi supply.

GAPP CEO Craig Morris described the effort as an extension of GAPP’s commitment to keep its community well-informed and engaged.

“We’re an organization by and for our members and are always looking for new ways to connect to our members and the broader industry we serve,” Morris said. “This is yet another way we’re hoping to get information out in a fun, engaging succinct and, most of all, effective way.”

Each episode aims to provide not just information, but also insights for businesses and people within the industry.

Morris said that the podcasts will be available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music, IHeartRadio and all other major podcast platforms.

Promotion of the podcast is being offered through GAPP’s social media channels, inviting a wider audience to tune in and stay updated on the wild Alaska pollock industry.

GAPP’s stated mission is to build demand and awareness for Alaska pollock through product innovation, research and creating awareness about product quality and the responsibly managed fishery where the pollock is harvested.