From the Editor: Maritime Publishing Acquires The Log

Maritime Publishing has acquired The Log newspaper from Newport Beach-based publishing company Duncan McIntosh Co. Inc. The Log is a biweekly boating and fishing news periodical based in Orange County, Calif.

The Maritime Publishing family of periodicals has gotten bigger. On June 12, the company announced the acquisition of The Log newspaper from Newport Beach-based Duncan McIntosh Co. Inc.

For those who aren’t familiar, The Log is a biweekly publication based in Orange County, Calif. It been a boating and fishing essential for recreational anglers throughout Southern California since 1971.

The Log is an iconic publication,” Maritime Publishing owner and CEO Dave Abrams said in a statement announcing the acquisition. “I’ve been reading almost every issue since 1990, and I look forward to (acquiring) it. As a boater, it keeps me apprised of everything going on in the SoCal maritime community and provides a great resource for finding service providers, slips, equipment, etc. I’m really proud to be at the helm of this fine newspaper! Cast off all lines; we’re getting underway!”

 As you may know, also under the Maritime Publishing umbrella are four other nautical and maritime industry-focused news publications: Professional Mariner, Ocean Navigator, Pacific Maritime and of course, your favorite and mine, Fishermen’s News.

And as you also may know, the 78-year-old Fishermen’s News is the oldest commercial fishing publication on the Pacific Coast. We cover the industry from Alaska to California and Hawaii and even down to Baja California, Mexico, always sharing the most up-to-date news from legislative actions to the finer details that commercial fishermen need to know.

But if you didn’t know, Pacific Maritime has provided editorials for and about West Coast commercial vessels and terminal operators since 1983. This content is geared toward readers who want to stay updated with ocean carriers, shippers, terminal operators, port authorities and more. 

Also, since 1993 Professional Mariner magazine has been found in the hands of owners and operators of commercial maritime vessels, providing content for professionals who work in the maritime industry both onboard and off. 

Additionally, Ocean Navigator can be found onboard with the power and sailing voyagers who are always looking to learn more about their vessels, gear and techniques while on their adventures.

And FYI, Maritime Publishing itself is a publisher of trade publications for the marine industry. Abrams founded the firm in 2020 as a division of the Maritime Institute—the largest privately held maritime training provider in the U.S.

Ocean Navigator and The Log, since they are geared toward the same types of audience, could share content every so often, if that content is noteworthy enough to merit widespread dissemination.

Similarly, content from The Log could occasionally appear in Fishermen’s News and vice versa if the topics are of interest to both publications’ audiences. 

For more information about The Log, which is published every other Thursday for a total of 26 times a year, visit This is also where you can read free online articles and/or to start a subscription to the print edition.

We’re proud and happy to have another maritime-focused publication join the family.  

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