Fishing Vessel Runs Aground at Honolulu Harbor

A temporary barrier placed following damage done to the Nuuanu Stream Bridge by the f/v Lady Anna. Photo courtesy of the Hawaii Department of Transportation.

The Lady Anna, a 79-foot fishing vessel, ran aground in late January while attempting to dock at Honolulu Harbor and hit a bridge, causing damage to one section of the fence and bridge railing, the Hawaii Department of Transportation said.

“While attempting to dock at pier 16 Honolulu Harbor, the commercial fishing vessel Lady Anna ran aground between piers 15 and 16,” the DOT said in a Jan. 29 statement.

“The vessel made contact with the Nuuanu Stream Bridge along Nimitz Highway, causing damage to one section of the fence and bridge railing—temporary repairs to the fence are underway,” the statement continued.

According to the Department of Transportation, the vessel was successfully refloated, towed, and berthed in Honolulu Harbor. The vessel is reported to be in sound condition and there were no reported injuries.

“The cause of the grounding is currently under investigation by the USCG and law enforcement,” the DOT said. “A report regarding the damage to state property is currently under investigation.

The U.S.-flagged Lady Anna, which was built in 1989, has a gross tonnage of 125 tons.