Annual Memorial Event to Honor Oregon Commercial Fishing Fleet

Courtesy photo.

The men and women who have contributed to the commercial fishing activities in Oregon over the past eight decades are set to be remembered at the Annual Charleston Fisherman’s Memorial “Blessing of the Fleet” on Memorial Day.

The event is expected to include a speech by marine services firm owner William Elderkin, a color guard by the U.S. Coast Guard and the ringing of the 1954 Buoy Bell, which is to be rung for every name read, a nod to the fishermen and women who relied on the bell’s sound for safe navigation, according to the announcement.

Names to be added to the Industry Plaque this year include Roy C. Cameron, Michael L. Workman, Amos Allen “Red” Astor, James “Jim” Nash, W.A. “Rusty” Shield and Scott Heath.

The Fishermen’s Memorial Plaque is expected to include J. B. John Elliott Burgess, Gary “Bear” Gene Warren, John Frank Hatten, Richard “Dick” Lilienthal, Gladys Johnston, Doris L. Hockema, Spud Murphy, Alice I. Gunnari, Capt. James L. Moore, Holly Hall Stamper and Don G Burks.

Attendees may offer floral arrangements to commemorate the occasion, but only biodegradable flowers can be taken to sea.

The service is expected to end with coffee and cake provided by the Charleston fishing families at 63480 Crossline Rd., at the Charleston Marina in Charleston, Ore.

The service is set for 10 a.m. May 27 at the Charleston Fisherman’s Memorial Garden, near the launch ramp at the marina.

For more information, contact Margery Whitmer at or (541) 297-2095.