AlaskOmega Sponsoring Travel Awards for Fatty Acids Research Conference

Image: AlaskOmega.

AlaskOmega, a brand of wild-caught Alaskan fish oil concentrates produced by Wiley Companies, has announced its sponsorship of the International Travel Awards for the 15th Congress of the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL).

The four-day event is being held July 2-5 in Nantes, France. ISSFAL identifies itself as the foremost entity dealing with the health impact of dietary lipids.

The awards’ primary objective is to encourage participation of early-stage researchers.

The announcement said that by sponsoring the awards, AlaskOmega hopes to provide opportunities for researchers worldwide to participate in the congress and contribute to advancements in that field of science.

Wiley Companies sources Alaska pollock from the Bering Sea, a fishery certified sustainable by the Marne Stewardship Council.

The company says its fish oil is refined through a proprietary purification and concentration process at Wiley’s facilities in central Ohio to deliver high-potency omega-3 and omega-7 concentrates to the global market.

Omega-3 fatty acid oils are widely recognized for its benefits for human health, from vision and healthy brain development in infants and fetuses when taken during pregnancy, to combatting depression and decreased risk of cardiovascular problems.