Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California in Top 20 for Landings and Values

Seven ports from Alaska, two from Oregon and one from Washington ranked among the top 20 ports in the nation for commercial seafood landings in the latest Fisheries of the United States 2017 report authored by NOAA Fisheries.

Dutch Harbor was first in the nation, with 769 million pounds of seafood delivered–down from 770 million pounds a year earlier–followed by the Aleutian Islands ports with 552 million, up from 508 million pounds. The other top Alaska area ports by volume were Kodiak, 530 million pounds, up from 417 million pounds; the Alaska Peninsula, at 268 million pounds, up from 243 million; Naknek, 187 million pounds, up from 170 million; Cordova, 99 million pounds, up from 35 million; Sitka, 91 million pounds, up from 56 million; Ketchikan, 77 million pounds, up from 65 million; and Petersburg, 65 million pounds, up from 41 million pounds the year before. Oregon ports included Astoria at 151 million pounds, up from 94 million; and Newport with 112 million pounds, up from 77 million; while Westport, Washington saw delivery of 150 million pounds up from 108 million pounds.

In addition, eight Alaska ports, and one from Washington ranked among the nation’s top 20 ports for the value of commercial seafood deliveries.

New Bedford, Massachusetts, held fast as the top port for value of seafood deliveries, at $390 million, up from $327 million a year earlier.

Dutch Harbor deliveries brought in $173 million, down from $198 million. Other Alaska ports in the top 20 nationally for value were Naknek, $544 million, up from $108 million; Kodiak, $152 million, up from $107 million; the Alaska Peninsula, $112 million, up from $85 million; Aleutian Islands, $106 million, up from $105 million; Sitka, $75 million, up from $55 million; Cordova, $65 million, up from $38 million; Bristol Bay, $64 million, down from $76 million; and Seward, $60 million, up from $42 million. Deliveries to Westport, Washington had a total value of $64 million, up from $59 million a year ago.