Alaska Salmon Sales Near $23 Million

Sales of more than 78 million pounds of fresh, frozen and canned wild Alaska salmon from Jan. 20 through April 30 brought in nearly $23 million, Alaska’s Department of Revenue says in its latest salmon price report.
Sales totals included 592,474 pounds of king salmon, valued at $2,763,774;
18,000,792 pounds of sockeye salmon, $64,672,127; 33,464,344 pounds of pinks, $41,060,758; 15,595,712 pounds of chums, $30,015,063; and 3,457,913 pounds of cohos, $9,229,610, according to the report released on June 21.
Average wholesale prices per pound were $12.16 for fresh headed and gutted kings, $3.50 a pound for 400,165 pounds for frozen headed and gutted Chinook product, and $6.16 a pound for 149,527 pounds of frozen fillet kings.
The 10,818,066 pounds of frozen headed and gutted sockeyes brought in $26,049,891, averaging $2.41 per pound, and 7,190,726 pounds of frozen sockeye fillets garnered $38,622,236, or $5.27 a pound.
Frozen headed and gutted silver salmon products commanded an average of $2.03 a pound for 2,497,561 for a total of $5,075,284; while 960,352 pounds of frozen silver fillets, at an average of $4.33 a pound, earned $4,154,326.
Some 32,489,013 pounds of frozen headed and gutted pink salmon sold for $37,099,164, or $1.14 a pound on average, while 191,810 pounds of humpy fillets, at $3.43 a pound on average, brought in $658,043. Pink salmon roe products earned $3,303,551 for 783,521 pounds, an average of $4.22 a pound.
Chum salmon as frozen headed and gutted product earned $14,548,923, or an average of $1.09 a pound for 13,302,038 pounds. Frozen chum fillets, earning on average $4.60 a pound for 1,597,228 pounds, brought in $14,548,923, while chum salmon roe products earned an average of $11.65 a pound, bringing in $8,111,765 for 696,446 pounds.
In canned inventory, the Revenue Department reported sales of canned sockeye and pink salmon, thermally processed in quarters, halves, talls 4-pound and other cans containing a total of 78,061,927 pounds of salmon brought in $22,939,247.
Data in the report was compiled from salmon price reports submitted by individual processors required to report by state statute. Data for some production areas was not included in the report because they were either at zero or confidential, revenue officials said.
For the entire 2015 season, commercial salmon harvests totaled 1,072,334,000 pounds valued at $414,219,000, according to the ADF&G reported last October.

Complete reports by salmon species and by region for 2016 through April 30 are online at