Alaska Pink Salmon for Food Aid Programs

The US Department of Agriculture announced on Aug. 2 the purchase of more than $9 million in canned Alaska pink salmon for distribution in child nutrition and other related domestic food assistance programs.

The product bid for more than 250,000 cases of kosher and regular canned pink salmon was split between three processors: Icicle Seafoods at Seward, and the Cordova processing facilities of Ocean Beauty Seafoods and Trident Seafoods.

The canned pinks are slated for delivery to food banks all over America.

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute said that ASMI is looking forward to additional purchase of frozen four-ounce portions of coho or sockeye salmon for use in a program that aims to put more “traditional foods” into the diet offered to people living on Indian reservations.

ASMI promotes the purchase of wild Alaska seafood products – including canned salmon and herring – through its Alaska Global Food Aid Program, in partnership with the state of Alaska and the fishing industry. The program promotes healthy proteins for domestic and international food programs, and an outlet for thousands of cases of canned salmon and herring produced by Alaska processors.