Alaska Fishing Organizations Set Date for Annual Expo

Image: Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust.

Commercial longline fishermen in Southeast Alaska are planning a free day of educational workshops and training on April 24, aimed at boosting knowledge about harvesting seafood for new and veteran fishermen, as well as others interested in the fishing sector.

The hybrid expo is presented annually by the Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association (ALFA) and the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust (ASFT). The event is part of an effort by ALFA and ASFT to provide resources and educational opportunities for seafood harvesters, especially those just starting out in the industry.

Attendees have the option of attending in person in Sitka or virtually via Zoom.

Commercial and subsistence fishermen of all gear types will be able to participate in interactive classes on: Southeast Alaska sablefish industry meeting updates; new Deckhand Logbook features and updates; ocean acidification; the ALFA crew training program; and fishery-friendly climate action.

Image: Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association.

Other sessions will led by or featuring the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association; the Alaska Department of Fish and Game; Dan Goethel with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Lange Solberg with Deckhand Logbook; Denise Damewood with Project Gabe, focuses on partnering with Alaska’s industries to prevent opioid overdose deaths; Darcy Dugan with the Alaska Ocean Observing System Network; Kinsey Brown with the Fishery Friendly Climate Action; ALFA’s Natalie Sattler and Eric Jordan.

Attendees are welcome to participate in as many sessions as they are able. Raffle prizes will be awarded to attendees.

“Thanks to the support of our sponsors and ALFA’s membership, we are able to offer these workshops free and open to the public,” ALFA executive director Linda Behnken said.

ALFA is an alliance of small-boat, commercial fishermen that support sustainable fisheries and thriving coastal communities by involving fishermen in research, advocacy and conservation initiatives. ASFT is a non-profit dedicated to strengthening fishing communities and marine resources through research, education and economic opportunity.