Alaska Board of Fisheries Meeting Comes to Kodiak Jan. 10-13

The Alaska Board of Fisheries will be in Kodiak Jan. 10-13 to take action on 25 proposals on issues ranging from Bering Sea tanner crab to commercial groundfish and salmon fisheries.

Proposal 278 would amend the Bering Sea District tanner crab harvest strategy to remove the mature female Tanner crab biomass threshold for opening the fishery and remove provisions allowing a harvest in waters east of 166 degrees West longitude. View the proposal online at (

Groundfish management proposals include one to remove the five-day stand down period and increase trip limits in the black rockfish fishery and another to change dates when the Kodiak area becomes a nonexclusive registration area for jig gear from October 30 to June 10.

Seventeen of the proposals are related to the Kodiak area commercial salmon fishery.

The board will also hear Alaska Department of Fish and Game reports on salmon escapement goals and genetic stock composition of the commercial harvest of sockeyes in the Kodiak management area, and genetic stock composition of the commercial and sport harvest of king salmon in the westward region of Alaska.

All sessions will be held at the Best Western Kodiak Harbor Convention Center in downtown Kodiak.
View the tentative agenda and links to all proposals online at

An audio of the meeting should be available when the board is on record at (