Alaska Board of Fisheries Agenda Includes Finfish Issues

The Alaska Board of Fisheries will consider 33 proposals related to Alaska Peninsula, Chignik and Aleutian Islands finfish when it meets Feb. 21-26 at the Sheraton Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska.

Proposals include plans for Southeastern District Mainland Salmon Management, the South Unimak and Shumagin Islands June Salmon Management, the Northern District salmon fisheries management and the Chignik area salmon management.

The board has set a Feb. 7 deadline to submit written comment on specific proposals. Past that deadline comments will be limited to 10 single sided or five double-sided pages from any individual or group.

Oral testimonies are also welcome at the meeting. A tentative deadline to sign up to testify is set for Feb. 21 at 2 p.m.
The Boards Support section will host a training course on “How to Navigate the Board Process” during the lunch break on the first day of the meeting. For more information, call the Boards Support Section at 1-907-465-4110.

All portions of the week-long meeting are open to the public and a live audio stream is intended to be available on the board’s website at